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Nicole Paraskevas

About Me


I am intrigued by the natural color schemes and infinite designs found in nature.  Creating has been an important part of my life since I was very young.  Graduating from Purdue University with a degree in History and Ancient Civilizations.  Then furthered my study of the arts in Greece, Turkey and Egypt.  As a scholarship recipient I attended Triton College where I focused on drawing, painting, and ceramics.  Most recently attending the Lafayette Atelier to study classical methods taught in 19th century Europe.  

My Vessels are a culmination of memories and dreams.  The ideas of infinity and barakka* flow through these one of a kind works of art.  Entwined within are hidden codes, ancient languages, and images. The process involves many stages as the vessel begins to reveal itself after several weeks of work.  Each vessel begins to take on a life of its own which guides me on to the finished work of art.  The act of creating is and has always been my joy, passion and purpose. 

Barakka: An ancient concept of a blessing of the creator, transmitted through a one of a kind artistic creation.

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